Replacement Parts for Schlafhorst™ Autocoro™ and Rieter®

Since 1985, O-E Products has been selling replacement parts for Open-End Spinning machines. We specialize in replacement parts for Schlafhorst Autocoro® and Rieter® Open-End machines.

Our largest markets are U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, and South America, although we export to many other countries.

You can search our catalog to find what exactly what you need. Call us directly at (864) 967-7030 if you cannot find a specific part. We might be able to find it for you.

Rare and Unique Parts

In addition to both manufacturing and importing parts, we also purchase supply rooms for U.S. mills that go out of business. Thus, we have a large selection of rare and unique parts.

For assistance in locating a specific part, please call us directly at (864) 967-7030 or send us an email.

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